Beard Jams: My Secret to Keep by The She’s

Hello there! Long time, no post. I know. I’m sorry. I’m currently finishing up my last few weeks of college for my bachelor’s degree! It’s a very busy, but fun time right now. Do you know what else is fun? This song I’m about to share with you! It’s entitled “My Secret to Keep” and it’s by a band known as The She’s! The She’s are from San Francisco, California!

One thing I notice in the beginning is that the vocals are really great in this song! The lead vocalist, Hannah Valente, has a great tone to her voice. It’s a sweet voice, with lots of cool mixed in with it. I could definitely listen to her voice all day long. I really enjoy it. The harmonies are wonderful in this song as well! They really add some depth and emotion to this song. It’s a nice burst of power and sound in this song when the harmonies come in. All of the vocals are bright and sunny.

Another part I enjoyed in this song was the guitar solo/ riff going on towards the middle of the song. It picks up in intensity and there are some cool effects going on with the guitar. It gives it a dreamy feel to it. I also imagine ocean waves coming in to the shore when I hear this section. The tempo slows down after this first dream like section, adding more depth and emphasis to this section. Then the song speeds back up again. All of the instruments sound sweet in this section. No one instrument is fighting over the other. The instruments really blend with each other and compliment each other too.

Overall, this was a very cool song. The song sounds very bright and sunny. Vocals are amazing, the instruments sound great together, and overall it sounds great. I definitely felt like I was skating or out in the sun as I listened to this song. It gave me my listening vitamin D for the day. (That would be crazy awesome if that was an actual thing.) Check this song out, and help spread it around! To check out more of The She’s, check out these fine links!

As always, share the blog and post with everyone you love. Until next time, have fun and stay safe!

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Beard Jams: Clint by Nömak

What’s going on everyone? I hope everyone had an awesome night and I hope you’re starting to enjoy this weekend. To get things started, let’s check out this wonderful, hip-hop infused electronic song entitled “Clint” by Nömak!

The beginning is really cool. There is a nice hip-hop beat, but the little parts that get added on to it is what makes this song. Right from the beginning you can hear a light organ sound. This organ sound is actually present through a good chunk of this song.

Additionally, there are some really cool drum sounds and tom parts in this track. Once the electronic part kicks in, there is a really cool drum part that has been stuck in my head for the past few days now. There is so much energy in the drum part, but it’s not overbearing. The live drums sound great! I really enjoy the tone of the toms that is present in this song. It’s also combined with electronic drums which makes for a unique blend of percussion.

Overall, this track was really cool. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a unique blend of hip-hop infused electronic music. The combination of all of the instruments sounds great. Each time you listen to it, you might hear something different that you might have missed before. It was a really interesting track that will continue to be stuck in my head for a few days now. Be sure to check this song out, and check out Nömak on Soundcloud at this link:

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! A shout out and thank you to Kevin who suggested this track for our blog!

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Beard Jams: Mess Around by Wild Adriatic

We’re back once again with a late night post! What’s better then discovering great music while you are supposed to be doing something else? Nothing! Indulge and enjoy this delicious song from our friends Wild Adriatic entitled “Mess Around.”

I really love the bass line in this song. It’s very catchy and enjoyable. Interesting bass lines always make for great songs. Additionally, the bass player has a wonderful fro that you can witness and enjoy in the video.

Vocals are sweet in this song. They are crisp and passionate. I really enjoy the tone of the singers voice in this song. He has a very good blues/rock voice. The lyrics to this song are nice as well.

Drums are simple, but fit in perfectly. The tom fills are just what this song needs to complete this song. The drums are never overpowering. They groove perfectly with all of the other parts. Great drums on this song.

Overall, this is a great song! This is a great song to dance around to, and play while you are driving in your car. It’s also great music to share with your friends, but it’s a great song to use for your next road trip. The video for the song is wonderful, and is my favorite Wild Adriatic video so far in their career. They look like they are having so much fun in the video, which is awesome.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. They are wonderful. I’ve seen them live at least three times now. If you like their recordings, you’re going to love their live show. They are also one of the nicest bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. To check out more of Wild Adriatic, head on over to their website! Additionally, their latest album entitled “Big Suspicious” is currently available! Check it out! If you listened to our last podcast, you heard their song “Woe”. Another great song to listen to.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: The Grand La Monz by Jesse Denaro

What’s going on everyone?! I’m back with another great song! This one is a nice acoustic/ indie rock song entitled “The Grand La Monz.” It’s by an artist known as Jesse Denaro!

The intro is really nice! Jesse has a great voice. When it is paired up with a nice acoustic guitar and some sweet lyrics, it sounds really great! I also enjoy when he screams the word “Tonight”.

The chorus is one of my favorite parts of the song. It’s not overly complex, but its simplicity makes it special. It’s relaxing, and a great listen at any point in the day. All of the instruments fit together really well in the chorus and sound great. Add Jesse’s voice to the mix, and I want to listen to the chorus over and over again.

One last point in the song that is worth mentioning is the drum fill and guitar riff at 2:28 in the song. I really like the feeling I get when I hear the drum fill. It’s simple once again, but pretty powerful in the song. The guitar riff in the background provides a nice texture as well at this part in the song.

Overall, this was a great song! It’s a nice, soft, indie rock/ acoustic song great for any part of the day. I was able to see Jesse Denaro live late last year and it was great! His voice and music are just as great live as they are on the recordings. His band members are also very good live. If you get the chance, check him out. To hear more of Jesse Denaro, head on over to his website. He also has a new album coming out in May of this year entitled “Dear, Love.” Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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Beard Jams: We Won’t Go Home by The Colourist

Hello again, everyone! Hopefully everyone has had a good week so far. I’m definitely looking forward to spring weather. I’m really tired of being in cold weather. That being said, todays song helps me feel like it’s spring time, even if it’s not. This one is entitled “We Won’t Go Home”, and it’s by a band known as The Colourist! We’ve had them on our site before, and they are back with an awesome song and a new album!

This song just screams spring and summer time fun to me. I love the intro. There’s a soft guitar part, and then the drums really get the song going. The drummer also sings in this song and in many others as well. A drummer who sings and plays at the same time is pretty intense, but definitely cool.

I also enjoy how the male and female vocalists sound with each other. Their voices really compliment each other and it sounds great! Additionally, I liked how on the verses, there are parts where they sing together and there are other parts where they go back and forth with each other. It keeps things interesting in the song.

Overall, this is a nice indie pop, indie rock song! It’s really catchy, and it reminds me of warmer weather. If you’re like me and are sick of the cold weather, give this one a listen right now. Even if you are in a warm weather place, this song will definitely make your day a little better by listening to it. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

P.S. The Colourist’s new self-titled album was released today! Check out the album, and check out the band as well!

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Beard Jams: Life in Grey by Point Point

What’s going on everyone?! I’m on spring break, which means I’m about to listen to a lot of new music (Hopefully). Anyways, I’m starting everything off with the song entitled “Life in Grey” by Point Point.

This song is pretty sweet. The intro is a nice set up for what we are about to hear. The beat that they use is nice and light, but still heavy enough to groove along to. I really enjoyed the vocal samples in this song. It fit very well with everything else going on in this song.

The synths used in this song fit right in with everything else going on. I felt like everything balanced out very well. There was not a single part that was overdone or overbearing. With everything going on in this song, it felt like an intriguing blend of sounds perfect for any time in the day.

I was pleasantly surprised at the 2:40 mark in the song. I was not expecting an awesome piano part that had some 8-bit thrown in there with it. It was a perfect time in the song to mix things up. It definitely worked because this was my favorite point in the song. After this brief change in the song, it goes back into the chorus one last time for a very fitting end.

Overall, this was an awesome song to listen to today. As I mentioned before, it was light enough were you could enjoy this song early in the morning or late at night. In reality though, this song would be great at any time in your day. It’s one of those songs where you can fall in love with everything going on, and want to listen to it over and over. At least, that’s what I’m doing with this song. It’s really great. Don’t delay to check this one out today. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!



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Beard Jams: Midnight Run by STRAKTOBEAM

What’s going on everyone?! I’m back once again with some awesome music. Hopefully the rest of the site has kept you entertained while I suffer with midterms and head colds. (Sounds like the next name of a cool song!) Anyways, todays song is entitled “Midnight Run”, and is by an awesome band from Finland known as STRAKTOBEAM.

I really like the collaboration that goes on between all of the synths in this song. There are a lot of synths used in this song, but each part holds up by itself. Each synth part cuts through on its own, but when all of the synths are combined in this song, it literately sounds like a synth wonderland. All of the synth voices used sound great. A true synth pop delight.

The use of the vocoder is nice as well. It definitely fits in with all of the synths used in this song. It kind of makes me think that the singer is trapped in a synth world, and everything they say or do comes out with the vocoder effect. Regardless of the images that pop into my head during this song, the vocoder in this song sounds great.

The drum parts are nice as well! It definitely helps the listener break up the song into different sections, and I think it helps show the emotion of this song as well. The drum parts are not too flamboyant, but they are not boring either. A nice balanced drum part that is fun and interesting.

Overall, this song is great. This song is for anyone that: loves synth, loves 8-bit video game noises, loves synth pop, loves indie rock and pop. I really enjoyed listening to this track, and I hope you will as well. If you like this track, go tell the band as well! Here are some links where you can find STRAKTOBEAM!




As always, don’t forget to tell your friends and loved ones about us as well! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Unveiled by Pours

What’s going on everyone?! I’m really excited for todays song! It’s entitled “Unveiled”, and it’s by a band named Pours! Pours consists of Bryan Parmelee and Christopher Shar, and they are from Burlington, VT!

I’m really enjoying this song. This song has a great dream-like quality to it, and has some really interesting sounds involved as well. The instrumentation is really cool as well. A very impressive sound coming from these two gentlemen!

The synths and samples are pretty magical. They are very peaceful, yet lively enough to really help develop the song. Add in the vocals and it’s a nice indie pop, dream-like masterpiece.

I also admire the presence of a drum set in this song, and not just using drum samples. It gives it a much more interesting and unique sound using an actual drum set in my opinion. I’m also a drummer myself, so I love the sound of a drum set. While not typically used in this style of music, I really like how it sounds in this song. I think a drum set used in indie pop and with synths sounds amazing.

Overall, this was a great song. Lots of interesting and delicate sounds that all play with each other to create something truly special. Their debut album comes out in May, and I’m super excited to hear the rest of the album. I’m also really interested to see how their sound translates in a live setting. I think it’s going to be really awesome. In the meantime, check out their site at! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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Beard Jams: Chasing the Light by The Same

What’s going on everyone?! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on here. School and other things have a hold on me right now unfortunately. However, two of my classes were canceled for today! That means I am definitely bringing you all some new music. This one is entitled “Chasing the Light”, and it is by a producer known as The Same.

This track has some really great sounds going on in it. I really love the vocal sample used in this song. It feels light and airy, but it fits perfectly in this song. I think the words light, airy, and perfect definitely describe this song. There is just enough synth and electronic beats going on to make this really enjoyable and very danceable, but it’s also light enough to where you can enjoy this song anytime. In the morning, or after dinner, or before bed. This song is really nice.

Overall, everything sounds amazing and this track is awesome. I really love all of the synths, beats, and samples used in this song. There is a lot going on in this song, but it feels light and refreshing. Definitely check this one out, and share with all of your friends and loved ones. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

To check out more of The Same, head on over to these lovely sites:

As always, feel free to share as well. We are also on facebook, tumblr, and twitter as well!


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Beard Jams: Chivalry by Marsicans

What’s going on everyone?! We’re back with another awesome song for you all to enjoy today! This one is entitled “Chivalry”, and it is by a band we have covered before known as Marsicans!

Right off the bat, I love the opening guitar riff. It’s very fun and inviting. It is a great way for this song to start off. The bass lines are awesome as well in this song. It plays a vital role in this song and is done very well. There is just the right amount of bass, and it sounds great. It’s nice to be able to hear the bass as well! Some songs just stick the bass in the mix, but this song actually values the bass part, which is wonderful.

I also like the drum parts as well. I really like the variation during the first part of the verse, and the second part of the verse. I really enjoy that they switch up the drum parts in the verse of the song. It keeps the song that much more fun in my opinion.

The vocals are sweet in this song. The lead singer has a pretty killer voice! It sounds great throughout the whole song. I really like the tone of his voice as well. He has some great high notes as well. When he sings the high notes, he’s not forcing them to come out. Take note singers, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t force or push it to come out. I also like the group vocals. Overall, great vocals in this track.

Since we are using the music video, let’s talk about the video itself as well! I think it fits the mood of this song perfectly. All of the bright, fun colors paired with the band performing and having fun is perfect. I love it when bands actually have fun creating and performing music. I don’t much about making videos, but I like how there would be one camera on one of the band members and then other cameras filming a different angle or other band members. (It might be just one camera too! Who knows. I don’t want to take away the mystery of it all.)

Overall, this was a great song. Fun and inviting indie pop/ indie rock with great instrumentation. Marsicans remind me of San Cisco, The Wombats, and Cub Sport. All great bands to sound like. If you don’t know Marsicans, get to know them now. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

To check out more of Marsicans, check them out over at their bandcamp at!

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Beard Jams: Days Are Dreaming by Goldbloc

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully everyone is having a splendid weekend! My weekend started out with a local jazz concert and drinks with friends. It was pretty rad. You know what else is pretty rad? Todays song we have to share with you all! It’s entitled “Days Are Dreaming”, and it is by Goldbloc! Goldbloc is a collaboration between producer GoldenHaus and vocalist and artist Solei!

I really enjoyed the intro to this track. I felt like this song sets up really nice with the vocal loops and mellow synths. It has a really nice chill vibe to it. I feel like this song is great no matter what mood you are in.

The music in the background is nice. It has a nice beat to it, and it is catchy as well! The soft synths really add to this piece as well. When combined with the electronic beats, it sounds great.

Vocals are awesome! As I mentioned in the beginning, I love how there are vocal loops going on in this song. It definitely creates and adds a unique texture to this song. Solei’s voice is unique as well. (In a good way.) It’s very intriguing to me. A great story-telling voice with just a hint of smokiness. It sounds great.

Overall, this was a really nice track! I really enjoyed both the music and vocals on their own, but combined it creates something pretty magical. It’s very easy to get lost and relax with this song. I enjoyed every second of it. Definitely check this one out! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Musicbeards Radio, Episode 2!

The second episode of Musicbeards radio! A big thank you to all of the artists and bands who gave us permission to use these tracks in our podcast! Thank you: Star Slinger, Vanilla, DCUP, Gilligan Moss, Boy Goliath, Wild Adriatic, Tauk, Diamond Youth, Bad Cardigan, and EMBRZ!

 Feel free to share it with everyone! Until next time, have fun and stay safe!
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Beard Jams: Gag Reflections by Wild Moccasins

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully you all have had a wonderful weekend! I’ve been at school figuring out my schedule and trying to post when I can. However, I didn’t post that much last week. Sorry about that. It’s worth noting though that I still am working on things and our next podcast will come out this week on February 6th!

Anyways, for now let’s listen to an awesome song from an awesome band! It’s called “Gag Reflections”, and it is by a band known as Wild Moccasins!

I really enjoy the sound of this song. It’s one of those songs that I enjoy more as the track progresses. I also enjoy it more and more the more times I listen to it. It has a really nice indie pop/ indie rock sound to it.

All of the guitar parts sound great interlocking with each other. They complement each other in my opinion. They sound great by themselves, but when they are playing together it is really nice. The lead guitar part has some cool riffs as well that again work well with everything else.

The vocalist is awesome. I love her voice. I absolutely melt when I hear her do the “oohs”. Very good vocalist that really helps give some great emotion and passion to this music.

Overall, I really enjoyed this track! It’s a nice indie pop, indie rock song that is very enjoyable. As I said before, the individual parts sound great on their own, but the magic really comes together when everything is combined. Check it out and see what you think! Wild Moccasin’s latest album entitled “88 92″ comes out tomorrow! Head on over to to learn more!

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Calamari (Put The Sauce On It) by Duck Sauce

What’s going on everyone?! It’s been a while since we have had a dance or electronic song on here, so today our friends Duck Sauce are going to help with that. Here is their song entitled “Calamari (Put The Sauce On It).”

The intro is pretty nice and interesting all at the same time. We know something is going to happen, but it’s not sure what that is until it fades out. Once it comes back in, we’ve been transported into an awesome global dance beat. The guitars with the electronic beat sound awesome. It’s a very catchy part to the song.

I also really like the female voice that saids “Put The Sauce On It.” At first, it kind of shocked me because I was not expecting it at first, but the more I listen to it, the more I love it. It’s the only lyrics in the song, but it’s very essential to the song. (Not to mention it’s in the song name.)

Overall, this was a great track from their latest ep entitled Duck Droppings. I loved everything about it. It felt new and fresh, but it also had the classic sound we’ve come to know and love from Duck Sauce. (If you have heard of them before. If you haven’t heard of them before, no worries! That’s the whole point of this blog!)

Be sure to check them out at, or! Their latest ep Duck Droppings is currently out and on their website! Until next time, have fun and stay safe!

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Beard Jams: Light Years by The Quick & The Dead

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully everyone is staying warm during this lame “Polar Vortex” stuff. It’s currently 1 degree where I am. The low tonight is negative 16, but it will feel like negative 30. While I’m literately freezing here, warm up and cuddle with a loved one as you check out todays song! It’s called “Light Years”, and it is by The Quick & The Dead.

The intro is really peaceful and relaxed. I really like how the piano sounds with the snare drum. Along with the vocals, it helps set up a nice overall sound to this song.

The chorus is really nice as well. After the second chorus, the song just erupts into a whirlwind of emotion and sound. It is definitely my favorite part of the song. There’s a nice little guitar solo as well that fits in really well with the song.

Overall, this was a nice indie pop rock song! The song as a collective whole sounds great! There are certain parts in the song that stand out and make this track memorable. The singer has a sweet voice, drums fit in really well with everything and helped further the passion in the song, and the nice little guitar solo and key change definitely added on to the enjoyment of this song.

Check this song/video out and see what you think! “Light Years” is a track off their latest ep entitled “Easy Getting By”. You can find the latest ep on Itunes now! Additionally, you can follow The Quick & The Dead on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Woe by Wild Adriatic

What’s going on everyone?! I’m back at school, so posts will be more less frequent then when I was on break. However, we will still be looking for great music and will continue to share awesome music. Now that we’ve said that, todays song is entitled “Woe“, and it’s by a band named Wild Adriatic.

This song is awesome. I love the build up of the song in the beginning. Once all of the parts come in, you can’t help but groove and dance to the beat of the song.

I also really enjoy the vocals in this song. They are filled with such passionate emotion. It’s nice to hear some emotion from bands in general these days. I feel like sometime modern music can lack in that department. There is definitely no lack of emotion here.

Additionally, I hope everyone is hooked on the bass part as much as I am. It’s absolutely beautiful. Pair it with the drum part, and you’ve got some serious grooving and dancing time. Who doesn’t love grooving and dancing time? Then, when you thought the song could not become more awesome, we have an awesome guitar solo that fits perfectly into place with the song.

Overall, this song was really great. Each part was great on its own, but when blended together it makes for a very tasty song. This song makes me really want to go longboarding. Too bad it’s winter here. Anyways, be sure to play this song on repeat. Share this song and this band with all of your friends and family (Because even friends and family like hearing great music).

Wild Adriatic’s new album “Big Suspicious” came out today as well! This song is on it, as well as other fantastic songs. Head on over to to buy the album, and see where they are playing a show next! They put on a fantastic live show. (I’ve been to three so far). Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

P.S. “Woe” will be featured on our next podcast, which comes out on February 6th!

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Beard Jams: Stockholm by The New Division

Hey everyone! Who’s excited that it is Friday?! I mean, is anyone ever truly upset when a Friday comes along? I’m excited because I return to school tomorrow! (Hopefully. There is snow in the forecast…). It’s been a wonderful break, but I’m suffering from cabin fever, and need to go to school. Anyways! Be sure to check out todays song! It’s entitled “Stockholm”, and it’s by a band called The New Division!

This song has some nice things going on with it! I really like the sound of all of the guitars, synths, and electronic beats when they interact together. It creates a nice indie pop/ electronic pop vibe to it. Perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Another section that is really nice is the synth interlude and build up that comes on before the last chorus. It’s a nice break from what we’ve heard already, and it helps keep the song fresh.

Overall, this was a pretty cool track! I really enjoyed the overall feeling this track gives off. I’m really enjoying it on this Friday afternoon, and hopefully you will too! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Indian Summer by Blood Cultures

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully your Thursday has been pretty rad. My Thursday has ruled so far. I got offered a wonderful internship related to the field I want to go in once I graduate! (Radio. No surprise there). Anyways, while I’m excited for the internship, make your day just as rad by checking out “Indian Summer” by Blood Cultures

I love the intro to this song. It’s so delicate and wonderful. It’s nice and light, but you can instantly get behind it and groove with it. Once the bass kicks in, this song is unreal when paired up with the synths.

I really enjoyed the vocals as well. There is something so sleepy and delicate about his voice, but it will instantly make you feel happy. Additionally, the “oh wah oh’s” are amazing. They really help push this song over the top, in a good way of course. Right when you’re filled with so much happy emotion and feeling from this song, the “oh wah oh’s come in, and it just feels so right.

Overall, this is an amazing song. Everything paired together sounds amazing. I really enjoyed all of the sounds and synths used in this track. Definitely check this one out. If you don’t, then your Thursday will be lame. Trust me. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Miss Teen Massachusetts by Skaters

What’s going on everyone?! Todays post is a bit late from when I normally post. Soundcloud was down for a little bit today. However, I’d like to think of this late post as a way to prep you all for the infrequent posting that is about to happen once school starts again. Don’t worry, even during school we will be here sharing some awesome music! Anyways, todays song is “Miss Teen Massachusetts” by Skaters.

This song is fantastic! It’s a little more serious sounding than the past work I’ve heard from this band. That being said, I think they did a very good job demonstrating that they are capable of producing songs that are both serious and fun.

One of my favorite moments in this track is the chorus. I absolutely love the vocals. Such powerful emotion through his voice in this song. It’s really nice to hear, and works very well in this track.

Throughout this track, the bass and guitar have some cool parts going on. I enjoyed the guitar riffs throughout the song.

Overall, this was an awesome track. I’m very excited for their upcoming album release! This is one of the songs off of the new album! The album is entitled “Manhattan”, and it comes out on February 24th in the UK, and February 25th in the USA. Definitely check out this song, and the album once it is released!

P.S. There is an awesome music video on Youtube for this song as well. Check it out! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Australia (Don’t Ever Let Her Go) by Satellite Stories

Happy Monday everyone! This is my last week of break before school starts again. I’m definitely looking forward to classes starting again. This is also my last semester before I graduate, so I’m excited and curious about what the next few months will bring me. Anyways, todays song to ease our minds is called “Australia (Don’t Ever Let Her Go)”. It’s by a band that is known as Satellite Stories.

The fun in this delightful indie pop/ indie rock song starts right away. There is a great build up during the verses. The chorus furthers this emotion and energy found in the verses. The chorus is also filled with moments to dance to, which is always a plus!

The bass has some nice little interlude parts. It’s also pretty cool when the bass and guitar part plays off of each other during the interludes. Additionally, the singer has a pretty sweet voice. It’s smooth when it needs to be, and always fun and delightful.

Overall, this is a nice track! Especially to start off your Monday evening. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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