Getting to Know: Wild Adriatic

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Beard Jams: Gotta Walk by Sophistafunk



   What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan again, and today I’m going to look at another band who is playing at this years Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance. They are known as Sophistafunk and come from Syracuse, NY! Here is their song entitled Gotta Walk. 

   The intro is awesome. I love the 8-bit electronic synth melody. I love synth, and I love 8-bit sounds, so this is a perfect beginning to a song. Once the verse comes in, you realize that this is a really unique blend of funk and hip-hop mixed with electronic music and instrumental post-rock. It’s a nice blend that will make you dance. Even if you don’t want to, you will find yourself dancing and grooving to this track.

   Every part about this song is great! All the parts meld together to create a really great, high energy track. The synths are amazing, the drums have great fills, and the vocalist has just the right tone in this song. The vocals are so smooth and definitely are on a mission. 

   Overall, this is a really great track that will easily be stuck in my head for days to come. I enjoyed every aspect of the song and thought it all melded together very well. Definitely check this and out, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Sophistafunk, head on over to these fine links:






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Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival Preview: Grey Gary


   What’s going on everyone?! Dan here, and I’ll be at this years 24th annual Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance! Let’s get the previews rolling with a band from Ithaca, NY known as Grey Gary!. Here’s their song Mama Don’t Mind.

   I really like the intro to this song. The riff on the guitar is really nice and has a nice sound to it. The octave effect on it sounds sweet. [If it’s an octave effect I’m hearing.] The riff continues throughout the song, but I didn’t mind it at all. It never felt stale to me because of the little breaks such as the organ sound and the verses. 

   There’s also a great moment in the song when the song really flourishes and opens up. This moment in the song sounds dreamy and smooth. You can easily get lost and absorbed in this moment of the song. We are quickly grounded back to reality when the repeating riff comes back in. Vocals are nice in this song as well! Lead vocals have a great tone to them and definitely gives this song some character. The backing vocals compliment the lead vocal perfectly. They are smooth, cool, and helps tell a story. 

   Overall, this is a really nice song. It’s a simple song that is really catchy. The guitar riff has been stuck in my head the whole time I’ve been writing this article. Grey Gary is an awesome band to check out, and will be a great addition to this years Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance. Check this one out and se what you think! Fans of the Arctic Monkeys and Dirty Projectors will especially love this track and band. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Grey Gary, follow these wonderful links! 





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Getting to Know: The London Souls

A few weeks ago, I (Dan) was able to hang out with The London Souls and watch them perform. This video is a little bit of my evening with them.

They are awesome dudes who have awesome beards and facial hair. A big thank you to them as they took time out after their set to talk with me. Additionally, another thank you goes to their management who helped set up our awesome hang out session.

If you like their music you hear at the end of this video, check them out at If you liked the video, share it and tell your friends about The London Souls and Musicbeards! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Over it by This Wild Life



   Hey everyone! How’s it going? We’ve both been super busy with life, but we’re doing the best we can to keep on bringing you some great music! To carry on with great music, here is an awesome band Val and I watched a few days ago. They’re known as This Wild Life. Here is their song entitled Over It.

   I love the unprocessed sound to this song and this band. If there was an organic category of music, This Wild Life would be among the purest in this category. It’s really nice to hear such a great song with only acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, and vocals. 

   Speaking of vocals, they are amazing in this song. You might not expect such sweet and delicate vocals coming from a guy with a huge beard, but alas that is what you get. He has a great tone as well as great emotion in this song. I could definitely listen to this band all day long.

   Their live show is just as great as their recorded music. It’s probably even better then their recorded work because you are watching them in person perform equally as well as the recordings. Surprisingly, with their live show, it’s just the two people you see in the music video. No back up musicians. I think that’s awesome and makes their music that much more great. I think it’s great that such awesome music is being produced from two people and two instruments. I’m definitely a new fan. 

   Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! To check out more of This Wild Life, check them out at the links below and check out their latest album entitled Clouded. 





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Musicbeards at the 2014 Insomnia Music Festival

Hey everyone! This is Dan and I don’t know what you were doing on June 20th-22nd, but I was attending the 2014 Insomnia Music Festival. This video was some of the footage I captured while at the festival. I had a really great time and met some wonderful people and made some new friends.

The festival had a very fitting name. The festival literately took place from 12am-6am. Even though it had an uncommon start time from other festivals, it was still a great festival. Hundreds of people were there, [Setting attendance records this year to my knowledge] and everyone was in good spirits. I do have to admit that it was pretty cool covering this festival and seeing the sunrise directly behind the festival stage.

There were some excellent dj’s and producers who performed at this festival, including the artists we did previews on before the festival started. All of the dj’s were very nice, warm, and welcoming. Most importantly, they literately melted faces with their mixes. I was really impressed with the quality of the mixes these artists showcased.

The crowd was pretty good as well. Sure, there were some occasional instances of people drinking too much and rowdy festival goers, but what festival doesn’t have that? Even with those people, the rest of the audience was great. They were full of energy and participated frequently with the artists on stage. They also sported their festival gear in their own unique way. Some people had glow in the dark teeth, while others opted for glow hula hoops and glow sticks. The crowd looked like they really enjoyed this festival.

Overall, it was a really cool festival to attend and to cover. Artists performing were awesome, the crowd was good, and the stage had a lovely light show. Check out the footage we captured and share this post if you enjoyed it or were there and want to show your friends what this festival is all about.

You can also check out photos from this event on our flickr account.[]

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!


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Beard Jams: OctaHate by Ryn Weaver

Stop what you are doing and listen to this amazing summer jam that is on the rise! The song OctaHate by Ryn Weaver is full of life and will have you dancing to the energetic beat all day long. The thing that I love the most about this song is that there are a lot of little things that grab my attention. The finger snapping, the light xylophone that plays in the intro leading into the powerful chorus, and the short breathed vocals in the transitions between verses and choruses, as well as the beginning and end of the song.

Ryn Weaver has recently hit number one on the billboard chart of emerging artists! Not only are fans all over the world loving this new track, but so are well known artists. This song has been receiving praise from artists such as, Charlie XCX and Jessie Ware. This song has also been produced by the lead singer of Passion Pit, Michael Angelakos, who had some help producing the track from Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco.

You may have actually heard of Ryn Weaver’s music before and not know it. Before she changed her name, it was Aryn Wuthrich. Under this name, she appeared on the song “With Me” by the Cashmere Cat’s. She has also put out a really cool cover as well as other music under the name FemFemFem. I really enjoyed listening to the cover of the Peach, Pear, Plum, which is originally by Joanna Newsom. Weaver did a beautiful cover of this song and the vocals are absolutely outstanding and wonderful to listen to. If you have a moment, I would definitely check out her earlier work as well as her new song.

While I can’t find any dates of her currently performing, I encourage you to keep an eye out  for her. Ryn Weaver has a beautiful voice, an amazing new single, and I can’t wait to see where her career takes her. Hopefully she’ll be in the area and I’ll be able to cover one of her shows! Until then, check her out on some of these sites below!





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Beard Interview: Davino at the 2014 Insomnia Music Festival

Hey everyone! This is Dan. Remember that awesome preview we did on Davino before the Insomnia Music Festival? Well, we met up with him at the festival and talked about his music, other people’s music, and food! Check it out and share it if you like it! 

Additionally, this starts the release of our own YouTube channel! We will be doing more interviews in the future. I’ve been on “tour” essentially meeting up with some cool bands and interviewing them lately! More videos will come out in the near future. 

The interviews and videos will always be on our main site,, as well as all of our other platforms. 

Anyways! I had a lot of fun interviewing and hanging out with Davino at this years Insomnia Music Festival. Oddly enough, he reminds me of Jack White when I look at him. It’s neat. Davino was really cool and fun to hang out with. Be sure to check out more of his work and until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

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Beard Jams: Teen by Jaylis



   What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan once again. I’ve had a pretty sweet summer so far filled with some pretty cool shows and people! I’m back though with another great song you should check out. It’s entitled Teen it’s by a group known as Jaylis! This group comes from Switzerland! 

   I really love the intro. The whistling with the acoustic guitar sounds great. The whistling is soft and distant. When I hear the intro, I feel like I woke up in a peaceful forest and the sunshine is glistening through the trees as the day starts. It’s a nice feeling to have. It’s great that this song makes me envision a picture literately seconds into the song.

   I also enjoyed the bass in this song. It doesn’t really come in until the middle of the first verse, but I like that it doesn’t come in until then. It helps to keep the energy fresh and helps develop the song. It’s a catchy bass line. I found myself humming the bass line while writing this. I love bass lines. 

   Sandra, the lead singer, has a beautiful voice. It’s very sweet and relaxed. It reminds me of Lauren Mayberry’s voice; the lead singer of the indie pop band Chvrches. If you imagine Lauren Mayberry singing folk and soft acoustic pop, that’s what I picture when I hear Jaylis. Sandra’s voice is sweet and adapts to whatever mood is being conveyed through the song. It also has a soft and storytelling quality to it. I really enjoyed Sandra’s voice. An acoustic Jaylis show in a peaceful forest would be wonderful.

   Overall, I really enjoyed this track. It’s a peaceful sounding track that is great for any time of the day. The intro is one of my favorite parts of the song with the acoustic guitar and the distant whistling. You can even hear the whistling in-between the verses as well. The bass line is catchy and helps the song develop. It’s not too flamboyant though. It fits in perfectly and has just enough action to it to keep it interesting. The vocals help pull the peaceful feeling together by having a soft and focused quality to them. If you like acoustic pop, indie pop, or folk, this song is for you. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

   To check out more of Jaylis, follow these wonderful links below!






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Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Trick Dirty


   What’s going on everyone? This is Dan and I’m here with our last preview for the Insomnia Music Festival! The festival is two days away, and I’m super excited. The weather forecast looks like the weather will be perfect for the festival, which is always a good thing to happen. Another good thing that has happened is the effort of DJ Marbles and DJ Feel Real coming together to form the collaboration known as Trick Dirty! 

   DJ Marbles took some time out of his day to talk with us about Trick Dirty and the upcoming festival! Enjoy. 

Musicbeards: How did Trick Dirty start up as a duo effort?

Trick Dirty (DJ M): “Feel Real and I met after he responded to a post I put up on a facebook page. We became internet friends and he asked me to do a guest mix for his podcast. After that, almost every mix we released we did together. A couple months after Insomnia 2013, we decided to give what we had been doing for the past year a name and take it to the next level.”

Musicbeards: Is there a different theme or idea with the Trick Dirty sets as opposed to your solo sets? 

Trick Dirty (DJ M): “Trick Dirty is different from what we each do solo in the sense that it’s a combination of Dj Feel Real and Dj Marbles. We each have different mixing styles and we each lean towards different sub genres of dance music. It’s the combination of our different influences that makes Trick Dirty what it is.  Trick Dirty also gives us the ability to play songs that we normally wouldn’t play solo.”

Musicbeards: What’s been the best show you guys have played? 

Trick Dirty (DJ M): “Well since Insomnia will be our second time performing together I would have to say our first show at Meltdown April 12th in Binghamton, [NY].  Lol. Not to mention it will be our second time mixing in the same room as we live 3 hours away from each other.”

Musicbeards: What are you guys looking forward to the most performing at this years Insomnia Music Festival?

Trick Dirty (DJ M): “I would have to say we are just looking forward to performing as Trick Dirty at Insomnia.  The Insomnia crowd is absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to get ‘D!rty’ with them.”

Musicbeards: Any hints you want to tell the readers as to what your set at the Insomnia Music Festival will be like?

Trick Dirty (DJ M): “To be honest, we have no idea what our set will be like. We don’t plan our sets or mixes out, we just feed off of each other and the crowd. But I will say we plan to drop a new unreleased Trick Dirty track.”

   Listening to the set we’ve posted on this preview, I can already tell that Trick Dirty is going to be a crowd pleaser at this years Insomnia Music Festival. There are some great sounds in this mix and an overall great energy throughout. There’s a nice balance in sound. There are some really aggressive sounding synths, while lighter synths and parts come in the mix as well.  It’s a nice contrast in sound. There is also a cool contrast between new samples and older samples. I really enjoyed the old school hip-hop break in this set. That being said, the whole set was awesome. I loved the synths and samples used and the whole set was fluid and entertaining. 

   I’m looking forward to hearing Trick Dirty perform at the Insomnia Music Festival in Owego, NY, that starts this Friday evening! Trick Dirty has a great balance in sound and sounds like they know how to give the audience a good mix and a good time. This set was very enjoyable and danceable. I’m also looking forward to the new, unreleased Trick Dirty track as well. If you’re in the area, be sure to come out to this festival! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Trick Dirty, follow these fine social media links





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Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Bentz


   What’s going on everyone? This is Dan once again. We continue on with our Insomnia Music Festival preview by talking with one of the artists performing at this years festival known as Bentz!

Musicbeards: What’s the best thing about performing a live EDM set? 

Bentz: “I’ve just recently got into performing live, and of the few shows I’ve played, I get the biggest thrill out of watching how people react when I play my own personal productions. I use shows as the ultimate test for my unreleased productions. Once you drop a new track live, you pretty much know right away whether it’s ready or not, based on the energy of the crowd.” 

Musicbeards: What’s been your favorite show or set you’ve done before? 

Bentz: “One of my favorite shows was actually just a giant party at Syracuse University. Everyone there was going absolutely nuts and I seemed to have an endless amount of compliments and free drinks sent my way…. always a good feeling.”

Musicbeards: Have you played the Insomnia Music Festival before, and if so what was your favorite thing about the festival?

Bentz: “This will be my first time performing at Insomnia!”

Musicbeards: What are you most excited about for this years Insomnia Music Festival?

Bentz: “I’m eager to see how many people we bring out to this event. I know I’m playing alongside a lot of highly reputable DJ’s from around the area and I think we all would love to set an attendance record this year!”

Musicbeards: Any hints as to what we can expect to hear from your set at the Insomnia Music Festival?

Bentz: “Expect to hear a variety of genres, as well as some unreleased music I produced with homies in Australia, France, and NYC!”

   Listening through his set at Meltdown 2014, he has a great sound to his live mix. I really enjoyed the intro to this set. The smooth vocals with the soft synths and drum samples really helps set the mood and your mind for the set. It’s as if it cleanses your musical palette if you will. It proceeds into a sweet bass and synth section. One of my favorite moments in this set. Once that bass comes in with the aggressive synth, I’m immediately all in for this set. 

The transitions are very strong in this mix. Every song is fluid with the next. It all carries with each other to create an entrancing mix that will make you lose sense of time because it is so fluid. The song choices were great as well. All the songs were enjoyable and danceable. I can definitely tell that for Bentz, it’s all about pleasing his listeners and the audience with a fun set that they will enjoy and talk about for quite a while. 

   I’m really excited to see Bentz at this years 2014 Insomnia Music Festival in Owego, NY on June 20th through the 22nd. It’s going to be a great time and I can’t wait to meet some new faces! Listening through Bentz’s work, along with all of the other talented DJ’s and producers we’ve previewed so far, it’s going to be a fun festival. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Bentz, you can check out these fine social media links!





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Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Tension (Original Mix) by Barnzy



   Hey everyone! This is Dan once again and for the next Insomnia Music Festival Preview, we have Barnzy with his track entitled “Tension.” (Original Mix)

   I love the intro! It’s filled with a vibrant energy that instantly makes you want to dance. This track actually reminds me of when I went to Mysteryland USA a few weeks ago. Great bass and synths that will make any EDM fan smile and dance. I also admired the build up to the drop. While it’s building up, the melody is still going on in the background. A very unique approach to a buildup. I loved it.

   Another part of the track I really enjoyed was the piano part! It was a chilling break from the bass and synths. It created a chilling atmosphere that also felt unique. The synths and bass do come back in with the piano part and help carry the song to one last danceable moment. The piano part provides a great contrast from the rest of the song. It provides the listener with a nice, relaxing break. It also helps keep it fresh and enjoyable throughout the duration of the song. 

   Overall, this was an awesome track. I found myself saying the word unique a lot while listening to this song. There is a great attention to detail to this song that will make any EDM fan happy. I enjoyed all of the layers present in this song, and how those layers mingled with each other during the song. In my opinion, this was Mysteryland USA caliber material right here. I’m really excited to see Barnzy perform at this years Insomnia Music Festival.

   Before we go though, let’s see what Barnzy himself thinks about the song and the festival! Enjoy.

Musicbeards: What was your inspiration behind this song? What made you write and record it?

Barnzy: “As far as my inspiration for the song goes… I just wanted to make something heavy yet still bouncy. Something Hardstyle fans can get down to along with progressive house fans.”

Musicbeards: Describe the writing and recording process for this song. 

Barnzy: “The process was quite simple actually. [I] just pretty much made a heavy synth with some punch to it that would drive most of the tune. Listened to a lot of Bigroom house and Hardstyle to get some inspiration and figure out how I was going to arrange it. Throw a big distorted kick on it, and boom boom boom boom.  Sounds simple, but this tune took me a very long time regardless lol.”

Musicbeards: What are you looking forward to at this years Insomnia Music Festival? 

Barnzy: “What I look forward to most is what I look forward to every year we play this festival; friends and fans i’ve yet to meet. There is nothing better in this world than meeting new people with such a common interest in music. It truly is like being on a camping trip with your closest friends and of course, the music. I know most of the artists personally and have played shows with them before. They kill it to say the least. Can’t wait.” 

Musicbeards: Can you tell us anything about your set at the festival? What can we expect by seeing you at the Insomnia Music Festival?

Barnzy: “This year, the only goal I have for my set is to keep people jumping [and] singing along with the lyrics. Even laughing and the occasional ‘did that really just happen?’ lol. Dropping edits of tunes you haven’t heard since the 8th grade is one of my favorite things to do for sure, so be ready for that lol.” 

   Be sure to check out Barnzy’s set at this years Insomnia Music Festival in Owego, NY on June 20th and the 21st. It’s going to be a blast, and I hope to meet some new faces there! I’m looking forward to all of the sets as well. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone. 

To check out more of Barnzy before the Insomnia Music Festival, follow the links below and be sure to share this post!




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Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Unleaded by DJ Feel Real



   Welcome back everyone! This is Dan once again. For our second preview for the Insomnia Music Festival, we bring you a track entitled “Unleaded” by DJ Feel Real!

   This song is pretty cool. The beauty in this track comes from the simplicity demonstrated in this instance. There are different layers to this song that develop over the course of the entire track. It starts off with a echo-y voice sample paired with a light drum sample part. The more you listen to this song, the more layers get introduced, and this song blossoms into a sweet and simple EDM track. 

   The drop in this song is huge! Literately the equivalent of doing a cannonball into a pool in the summertime. This was one of my favorite parts of the song. The bass sounds great. It’s big and makes you move. I also really loved the synths that were present during this drop/chorus. It was a unique texture that paired up really well with the bass. 

   Overall, I really enjoyed this track! The verses were spacey and mysterious, while the drops/chorus parts were big and unique. There are some great sounds present throughout the whole track. As I mentioned before, my favorite moment comes with the bass drop paired up with the synths. It’s a beat you just can’t help but love! Definitely take a dance break with this song. 

   I like to hear from the artists or bands themselves for a preview post. Especially since I’ll be seeing DJ Feel Real this upcoming weekend. I like hearing another voice talk about the song and the festival. I reached out to DJ Feel Real and he was very kind to take some time out of his day to answer some questions for you all! Enjoy. 

Musicbeards: How did you come up with this song? Was there any inspiration for making the track, or did it just come to you?

DJ Feel Real: “There really was no inspiration behind the track. I just wanted a fun and interesting track that had a different kind of feel to it.”

Musicbeards: Describe your writing and or recording process behind this song.

DJ Feel Real: “I just sat down one night and played around with a vocal sample I had and “Unleaded” was the final result.”

Musicbeards: What are you most excited about for the Insomnia Music Festival? 

DJ Feel Real: “I [am] most excited to be playing alongside Dj Marbles together as TR!CK D!RTY this year. I met him in person for the first time last year at Insomnia 2013 and we decided to join forces and create the duo TR!CK D!RTY as a chance for us to bring a different vision to the way we DJ and Produce.”

Musicbeards: Anything you can tell us about your set for the Insomnia Music Festival? What can people expect from your set? 

DJ Feel Real: “I can’t really describe what my set at Insomnia is gonna be like since I don’t even know. I usually start off with creating a familiar but different live edit to raise the energy and work from there. I’m a huge fan of trippy sounds in my sets, so there will definitely be a weirdness to it. I do know I’ll be dropping some new tracks I’ve been keeping to myself.” 

      The 2014 Insomnia Music Festival takes place this weekend, June 20th and 21st at the Champion Speedway in Owego,NY. Each night starts at 12am and goes until 6am. [A very fitting name for a music festival at night]. If you’re in the area, definitely come on out to the event and see some great DJ’s and producers perform, including DJ Feel Real! We will be there covering the festival and we are very excited for it. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   In the meantime, check out more of DJ Feel Real at these fine links listed below. 





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Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Soul Searcher (Original Mix) by Davino



   Hey everyone! This is Dan. I’ll be at the 2014 Insomnia Music Festival in Owego, NY on June 20th-22nd! I’m really excited about the festival. If you’re going to the festival, find me and say hello! Anyways, I thought it would be cool to preview some of the artists who will be at the upcoming Insomnia Music Festival. The first artist is known as Davino. Here is his song entitled Soul Searcher!

   This song starts off in a unique and interesting way. The intro is simple, but sounds really cool. It almost reminds me of a warning alarm due to the repetition of the synths and drum pads on the down beats. You could also look at it as it sounds like a warning alarm because the song is about to develop and blossom into EDM bliss. It builds up very quickly and then drops into a pleasant piano and synth part. This piano/synth part is really nice and relaxing. It’s a great little melody and it is catchy! 

   As the song progresses, the intro is combined with this pleasant piano/synth part. It made me think of how you can have something that relaxes you, but at the same time have something that’s crazy that coexists with everything else going on in your life. In simpler terms, I like the contrast of the intro with the piano/synth part. 

   Overall, this song was really cool. There are some unique and interesting dynamics in this song that will have you dancing. Each part sounds great and the song gains even more dynamics and energy when these parts are combined! I also think that this track would be a cool intro track for a live set. This is a great song to listen to at night. Perfect timing because I’m writing this at night, and the Insomnia Music Festival is also at night! 

   I wanted to know Davino’s thoughts about this song and the upcoming festival as well, so I reached out to him and asked him a few questions! Enjoy! 

   Musicbeards: Describe how you came up with the song and the inspiration behind it.

   Davino: “Hmmm, inspiration huh? Well… I was at a local park in Johnson City, [NY], while it was raining one day. I sat on a mildly damp bench listening to some ambient electronica, (The group Royksopp to be specific.) I began to just let loose a lot of stress and tension I had built up from living in this convoluted world when I started humming to myself this quite entrancing little melody. I sat home in the pouring rain and some of the pitter patters of the rain started to resonate with me. I remembered the days I would sit among the planty atmosphere deep in the woods meditating. The memories, feelings and sounds sort of spelled the track out for me and in a way used me to write the track that was never meant to be a hardstyle track, until a friend of mine suggested it to me. I think I remember him saying ‘you should use the kick from your last track (memories) over this and crank up the BPM’…. The rest, well, is history as they say.”

   Musicbeards: Describe the writing and recording process for Soul Searcher.

   Davino: “The process for me is always the hardest to describe… I like to think of myself as a chaotic producer but with an organized method. Writing Soul Searcher was a voyage. It began with some piano that became recorded guitar that I then copied the harmonic structure over to form a nice guitar/harp combo. Keep it fluid is what I always say. Then I thought some nice pads would do great. To be quite honest, it was intended to be an ambient piece… I think I sat there hand crafting bits and pieces for this track on and off for four to five hours a day. After a friends suggestion of cranking the BPM and adding the kick, I moved some stuff around and the arrangement came to be before I added a quick pre master and sent it in to my label.” 

   Musicbeards: What are you most excited about performing at this years Insomnia Music Festival? 

   Davino: “What aren’t I excited about? Insomnia is such a fantastic collaboration of music, people and atmosphere. I have some massive things planned for my performance there this summer and I assure anyone who is a fan of my music and performance will not be disappointed. Of course, I am just one entity in this crazy collective of local talent so be sure to catch all of the performances on each night because I am positive that no one is gonna disappoint.”

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! The Insomnia Music Festival takes place in Owego, NY from June 20th-22nd! See you there! 

   To check out more of Davino, check him out at these fine links listed below, and be sure to watch him at this years Insomnia Music Festival! 





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Beard Jams: Look Alive by Yabadum



   Hey everyone! This is Dan and I have an awesome song for you all today and for this weekend! It’s called Look Alive, and it’s by a band known as Yabadum! Look Alive comes off of their latest album entitled Careful Kid

   This song is really nice! The song really picks up after the first 30 seconds with a catchy and fun verse. All of the instruments sound great together during the verse. The bass line with the piano and drum part make for a relaxing and enjoyable verse. It’s nice and light but also very fun. It makes me think of a nice stroll through a park on a Sunday afternoon. It’s nice.

   Things get even nicer when the chorus comes along in this song. If you liked the verse, you’re going to love the chorus. It’s filled with a fun, light, bouncy and vibrant energy. The drum part sets up the energy and all of the other parts help develop this fun sound to it. There’s even some synth thrown in as well that sounds great. A really nice chorus. 

   The vocals are nice as well! The vocalist has a really nice tone to his voice. The verses fit right in with the rest of the instruments, while the chorus vocal part provides the energy to push the chorus over the edge, [In a good way of course.] There is also some background vocals that sound cool as well! 

   Overall, this was a really nice song! I really enjoyed everything about it. The verses have a great story-telling quality to them, while the choruses are filled with a vibrant fun energy and sound. All of the instruments sound great with each part having unique qualities to them. Vocals sound great and provide just the right amount of energy in each section. Definitely check this one out if you need some fun indie rock and indie pop that’s filled with summer fun. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Yabadum, find them at these lovely links below! Be sure to check out their latest album entitled Careful Kid!




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Beard Jams: Mustard by The Toothe


The Toothe is an indie folk band that consists of members Myles Holy, Ben Melton, and Paul Blackwell. If you like The Decemberists, Mountain Goats, The Avett Brothers or The Last Bison, then you’re definitely going to want to check out The Toothe’s new self released EP entitled, Talons. If you’re a big fan of college radio artists, then this is right up your alley. Seeing as how they are an upcoming band, keep your eyes on the CMJ line up for the fall because I can definitely see this high energy, folk trio playing there this year.

The Toothe has a great blend of acoustic guitars and folk instruments in their songs. The vocals sound great and at times reminds me of the lead singer of The Front Bottoms. Their song Mustard, is filled with the amazing sounds of banjo, mandolin, harmonica, acoustic guitars, tambourines and more. The song has a lot of  high energy and catchy lyrics that will be stuck with you all day, in a good way! If you like what you hear, you should definitely check more of their music on their bandcamp page.

This indie folk band has a lot going on in their songs that makes them each unique. My two favorite songs that I have gotten my hands on are Mustard and Talons. Mustard is upbeat, catchy, and has a nice vibe to it where you can listen to and it fits to any mood you may be in. Talons starts out slow with acoustic finger picking and then slowly picks up while gaining some energy to the song. It has a nice build throughout the song and ends beautifully with a few chord progressions to finish it off.

Take a few minutes of your day to check out this band, they’re definitely worth it! Check them out below on some of their social media sites!




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Beard Jams: Happy With Me by Holychild

Even though this super cool pop duo has been around for a few months, I’m still reviewing their song Happy With Me. This song is by Holychild and is filled with energy and electronic beats. It’s fun to sing along to the catchy chorus and is definitely a good summer jam. It’s an upbeat song filled with catchy hooks, head bobbing, and experimental sounds mixed with a nice pop sound.

This creative duo consists of Louie Diller and Liz Nistico. They both went to the same college and were working on a school project together, which later turned into Holychild. They have been writing together ever since they met each other in college and now have their own EP out. Their EP is called Mindspeak and is filled with poppy songs that are guaranteed to have you hooked. They even put out music videos for three out of the four songs on the EP, which were directed by Nistico. Both the songs and videos are amazing and should definitely be checked out.

Holychild has a lot going for them. They just came out with their EP, they have music videos for the songs, and are currently performing with great bands such as Fitz and the Tantrums, Max Frost, and the Knocks. I was happy when I listened to the EP and was satisfied from start to finish. I can’t wait for the full album to come out! So in the meantime, check out Holychild on some of these websites.




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Beard Jams: Problems by Pinegrove


   I’m back with a sweet indie rock song entitled Problems by a band known as Pinegrove! Pinegrove comes from Montclair, New Jersey! 

   This song starts off with a great deal of energy. This song doesn’t wait for any fancy intros. It gets right to the point and delivers a great indie rock sound. The song itself isn’t that complex, but that’s the beauty of it all. It’s simplicity in sound and instrumentation make it enjoyable and unique. The acoustic guitar part is big and something that I really enjoyed about this song. The guitars are a vital part of this song, along with the vocals.

   I really like the vocals in this song. The melody is catchy and reminds me of something that you would get the whole crowd to sing along to at a show. The lyrics are nice as well. They have a nice flow to them and don’t feel rushed or forced. The lead singer has a great voice. The voice really fits every moment of the song. The upbeat moments in the song gain a little extra energy with the singers part, and the soft moments are sweet and delicate. I love the last set of lyrics in this song; “It was supposed to snow, but it didn’t, so there’s no excuses now.” The ending of this song makes me want to go make a cup of green tea chai. I love green tea, so it’s awesome that this song makes me want to relax and indulge with some green tea at the end. If you don’t like tea, it’s alright. Pick your favorite hot beverage of choice.

   Overall, this was a nice indie rock song! The whole song was great, but the vocals, lyrics and guitar parts stood out the most to me. It’s a simple song, but the simplicity makes it easy to listen to. This is a great song to put on repeat. Each time listening through the song felt just as exciting and fresh as the last. Check it out and see what you think! If you like it, support the band and share our post! Pinegrove is currently on a USA summer tour until early July! Check out their tour dates and see if they are coming near you! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more Pinegrove, find them at these fine social media links! 





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Beard Jams: Lucky Earth by Troxum


   What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan and I’ve got a sweet electronic song for you all to check out. It’s entitled Lucky Earth and is by an artist known as Troxum! This song is off of the debut EP, Gaia Omen.

   I have always admired electronic songs and artists because I feel like there is the potential to create a truly unique piece of work that creates visions and evokes a story from the song. Music in general can provide stories and visions, but I find myself having more ideas while listening to instrumental electronic music. This song definitely paints vivid pictures in my imagination, especially in the beginning of the track. I love the delayed synth that happens that starts of the song. Then, this spacey and echoey synth combines with the other synth, and then eventually all of that is combined with a beat. It sounds amazing. 

   I find myself getting wrapped up in the sounds from this song and becoming relaxed and lost in the music. The end of the song approaches and then I realize I was enjoying the sounds too much to think about how long I had been listening to the song. Although, I don’t think you can enjoy these sounds too much. Please, get lost in this song and relax and enjoy. It’s one of those songs where every time I listen to it I hear something new. Definitely play this one over and over, especially at night when you are becoming tired. 

   The sections in the song where the pitch shifts and or the key changes provides some interesting textures. It helps break up the song and keeps the song new and exciting. This song is an exciting musical journey wrapped up into one song. It’s wonderful. 

   Overall, I really enjoyed this song. I always enjoy a good electronic song with great synths, sounds, and textures. This song delivers all of that while making me want to listen to it over and over again. This song definitely kept my attention throughout the song, and even after the song ended. It’s a nice beat and melody that truly had me relaxing and thinking. Be sure to listen to this one and indulge in the beautiful sounds that are present. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Troxum, check out the following social media sites provided below and make sure you grab the debut ep entitled, Gaia Omen.






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Introducing the Musicbeards Staff


Hey everyone! This is Dan here writing for this article. (There’s a reason why I’m using my name now. Let me explain!) Up until now, the Musicbeards posts have always been entirely produced by myself. I started this blog with the intent of giving up-and-coming bands and artists some well deserved publicity by promoting their work to people who may have not heard about them before. The name [Musicbeards] was absolutely random. I was trying to come up with a cool name for a blog, but I was having trouble picking one out that I liked. I eventually decided on Musicbeards. There was no particular reason for that name. I obviously liked music, and I had a beard at the time. Boom. That’s how this blog was born! I decided it would be a fun experience to have, and it fit right in with my life as I was a college radio dj at the time. I’ve had a great time with this blog so far and have had the pleasure of working with some great artists, bands, and people. 

   Doing this alone has been pretty cool, but it’s even cooler when you have a close friend that wants to join in and help out as well! In fact, this person has been secretly helping me all along anyways, but now she’s about to be Musicbeards official. Allow me to introduce the newest member of Musicbeards, Valerie! 

   Seeing as most people don’t really know either of us, I figured that we would do a little question and answer with each of us! (Woo, yay! That sounds great! You’re totally reading my mind right now!) Let’s start off with Valerie!

   Name: Valerie

   Favorite Food: Burritos, Waffles, and Avocados

   Best Concert experience so far: The best concert festival I have been to so far was Bamboozle in 2010. There were a bunch of bands that I had discovered during high school and the majority of them were at this Bamboozle festival. There were bands such as Angels and Airwaves, Paramore, Relient K and more! There were a lot of cool vendors and great bands that made for an awesome day. It was the third concert I had ever been to and it was my first festival. It was definitely a memorable day out of all the concerts I have been to.

   Favorite Band or Artist: [At the moment] Said the Whale, Dresses, Saintseneca, and Foster the People. 

   Favorite thing about Musicbeards: My favorite thing about Musicbeards is that there is always new music reviews up with links to the artist or bands on the site so you can check out more of their music. 


   Name: Dan

   Favorite Food: Pizza

   Best Concert Experience So Far: I’ve been to so many great and memorable concerts that it’s hard to pick one. I loved seeing Grouplove in September of 2013. It was a magical show and the music was great live. Other memorable shows that I have been to include: Mysteryland USA, Warped Tour of 2012-2013, and the CMJ (College Music Journal) Music Marathon of 2011 and 2013. In 2011 at the CMJ Music Marathon, I saw The Wombats perform. It was magical and I’m a lifetime fan of The Wombats now.

   Favorite Band or Artist: Again, it’s hard to pick just one. All time favorite band would have to be Motion City Soundtrack. I really love the lyrics in MCS songs and the different instrument parts and layers. They always sound amazing while maintaining a unique character to their music that makes it unique to MCS. Lately though, my favorite band would have to be Grouplove. I absolutely love everything about them right now. They have got a great sound that is infectious to me and makes me smile, sing, and dance every time I hear them. 

   Favorite Thing About Musicbeards: Well, I’m kind of biased because I created this blog but I love being able to help up-and-coming bands and artists expose people to their music. I love telling people about new music and I love helping out the bands and artists who are great but are unknown at the moment. Hopefully, once we make a post, people check out the song and then if they enjoyed them become life-long fans of that band or artist and their music. I’ve met some awesome people along the way, but it’s not about me. It’s all about the music. 

   Last Thoughts For The Reader: Keep on sticking around and discovering some great new music. Any little thing you do makes an impact on this blog. Whether it be listening to a song we post and then buying it, or just liking the band or artist on the social media sites. (As well as following the Musicbeards site and social media.), Anything helps the bands and artists as well as with us. As I say at the end of my posts, until next time have fun and stay safe everyone.

   If you’re a band or artist and want us to check out your music, or you want us to come to your show or music festival, email us at!  

P.S. The awesome photo for this post was brought to you by our good friend Ariel! Valerie is on the right and I’m [Dan] on the left. Check out her work on her flickr page by following the link below: 


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